The Garrett Company
Colorado Aluminum Canopy Soffit System

Part 1: General

1.1 Description of Work
  1. Work in this section includes furnishing and installation of extruded aluminum

overhead hanger rod style canopies as manufactured by The Garrett Company

  1. Related Items and Considerations
  2. Flashing of various designs may be required. Supplied by the installer.
  3. Determine wall construction, make-up and thickness.
  4. Ensure adequate wall condition to carry canopy loads where required.
  5. Consider water drainage away from canopy where necessary.
  6. Any necessary removal or relocation of existing structures, obstructions or


1.2 Quality Assurance
  1. Products meeting these specifications established standard of quality required as

manufactured by The Garrett Company, Ball Ground, GA, 770-704-7140

1.3 Field Measurement
  1. Confirm dimensions prior to preparation of shop drawings when possible.
  2. If requested, supply manufacturer’s standard literature and specifications for


  1. Submit shop drawings showing structural component locations/positions, material

dimensions and details of construction and assembly.

1.4 Performance Requirements
  1. Canopy must conform to local building codes.
  2. Determine if specific load requirements have been established for canopies and if

stamped calculations are required for location in which canopy is installed.

  1. The canopy must handle a minimum of 30 PSF live load.
1.5 Deliver, Storage, Handling
  1. Deliver and store all canopy components in protected areas.

Part 2: Products

2.1 Manufacturer

A.  The Garrett Company
260 Valley St
Ball Ground, GA 30107

2.2 Materials
  1. The product is the Colorado Canopy Soffit System.
  2. Frame to use extrusions with a minimum .125” wall, alloy 6063-T6.
  3. Decking to use a minimum of .063” aluminum sheet.
  4. Soffit to use a minimum of .040” aluminum sheet.
  5. Tie-back rods and attachment hardware shall be powder coated to match canopy.
  6. Tie-back spacing to be 88” maximum.
2.3 Finishes
  1. Standard finishes are powder coated with polyester resin.
  2. Optional finishes include standard 2-coat Kynar.
2.4 Fabrication
  1. All connections shall be mechanically assembled utilizing 3/16” fasteners with a

minimum shear stress of 350 lb. Pre-welded or factory-welded connections are to follow ANSI Std _____

Part 3: Execution

3.1 Inspection
  1. Confirm that surrounding area is ready for the canopy installation.
  2. Installer shall confirm dimensions and elevations to be as shown on drawings

provided by The Garrett Company.

  1. Erection shall be performed by an approved installer and scheduled after all

concrete, masonry and roofing in the area is completed

3.2 Installation
  1. Installation shall be in strict accordance with manufacturer’s shop drawings.

Particular attention should be given to protecting the finish during handling and


3.3 After Installation

Entire system shall be left in a clean condition.